audience response system

The audience response system, also known as a classroom or student response system, comprises of three main components: the classroom clicker, USB receiver, and classroom response software. This comprehensive system is primarily utilized in interactive classrooms, quizzes, standardized tests, and high-stakes examinations to facilitate interactive engagement and informed decision-making.

Audience response systems cater to diverse usage conditions across K12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, training institutions, and meeting rooms, creating interactive learning environments that encourage every participant to engage and voice their opinions. These systems ultimately foster active class participation and enhance overall learning outcomes.

The audience response system can automatically collect and analyze the participants’ responses, displaying the data in real time on an interactive screen. This provides teachers or organizers with instant feedback on each participant’s understanding and presentation feedback, allowing them to evaluate and assess overall comprehension levels effectively.

classroom clickers

Step 1: Prepare your question through any applications, such as Word, Excel, PPT, or even a video website.

Step 2: Students use a classroom clicker to answer the question.

Step 3: Classroom response software installed into the computer will show the testing results immediately.

Step 4: The teacher can export the testing report and stock into their computer.