Document Cameras

  • Document Cameras

    Document Cameras supports the real-time display of dynamic pictures, annotations, screenshots, and other functions, improving classroom efficiency, and maximizing the needs of teaching scenarios.

Image Capture

Capture high-definition images of various documents, pictures, and books

Support performing OCR text recognition, quickly extract text, and support editable documents


Put the physical objects or test papers to be displayed in the classroom under the lens of the document camera and display them on the large screen.

Video Recording

High-definition recording of classroom content and support for recording micro-lecture videos

Action Demo

Experimental classroom action demonstration

Wall-Mounted Document Cameras

No Camera Cantilever, Real-time Video Correction

  • Armless design: simplify the camera cantilever and reduce the shadow effect caused by the cantilever shadow
  • Autofocus: 13M pixel autofocus camera.
  • Real-time video correction: real-time video correction, no keystone distortion in the shooting picture, display the content with a vertical cantilever shooting effect.
  • Real-time noise reduction: supports real-time noise reduction and can be switched on and off.
  • Click anywhere to focus. Can’t see clearly here? Just click.

Wireless Document Cameras

No Wiring Required, Display the Screen with A Simple Click

Built-in Screen, Makes Shooting Clear at A Glance

                • Versatile structure: It can be folded, reversed, and disassembled to adapt to a variety of shooting scenarios.
                • Camera: 13M pixel sensor, PDAF phase ultra-high-speed autofocus.
                • Screen: 2″ color screen, real-time preview of the shooting picture, showing the status of the booth.
                • Wireless: 5G WiFi connection, supports up to 16 wireless booth connections, and 4 booth images are compared at the same time.
                • Battery: Self-contained rechargeable battery, can be used for 4 hours without plugging; 5V2A fast charging, can be fully charged in 2 hours.
Wall-Mounted Document CamerasWireless Document Cameras
Annotate, zoom, moveyes
Fill light
no(Unobstructed ambient light)
Screen noise reduction
Angle adjustable

Classroom Clickers

Interactive Display

touch screen display