Interactive Flat Panel Display

  • Interactive Flat Panel

    The 4K screen delivers an ultra-sharp image worth focusing on, whether from up close or across the room.

Kylin offers an interactive flat panel display that enables educators to enhance productivity, boost student engagement, and foster learning through captivating content in classrooms of every size. Our interactive flat panel displays are designed for all your education needs, opening new possibilities for instruction and curriculum.

Kylin‘s interactive flat panel display is tailor-made to fulfill the unique requirements of teachers and students. By actively engaging with educators and building off of customer feedback, Kylin develops solutions that dissolve the challenging barriers confronting modern-day teachers. The ultimate result is intuitive and user-friendly software that harmonizes with your teaching preferences. 

Interactive flat panel display

Engineered to enhance classrooms and meeting spaces, the interactive flat panel display boasts a remarkable LED-backlit 4K UHD panel with wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint toughened glass, and up to 20-point multi-touch capabilities. Incredible accuracy, and lightning-fast response times.

Entry Level Product Line

Non-Android Interactive Flat Panel

suitable for someone with a low budget and get used to the Window system

interactive flat panel display


Education Product Line

Android 11/12 optional |Chipset:V100/T982/A311D2 optional

suitable for the education scenario, with different price level.

interactive flat panel display

Corporate Product Line

Android 11 | Built-in Camera&Mic|T982/A311D2 optional

suitable for corporate scenario, video conference

interactive flat panel display

Android OS – Seamless and simplified user experience

Interactive Flat Panel Display delivers a revolutionary new user interface — most commonly used tools right at users’ fingertips. We support various services to customize the right style for your classs&meeting room.

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Display

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