Interactive Screens for Classrooms

Battle of the Brands: Interactive Screens for Classrooms

If you’re considering enhancing your classroom with the latest technology, why not replace old whiteboards or projectors with interactive screens for classrooms? The interactive displays for education have risen significantly over the past few years. While various brands offer different types of models, these flexible choices can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Determining the ideal interactive display for education to suit your requirements may have a question: What factors should you consider when selecting interactive screens for classrooms?

Interactive Screens for Classrooms

Here are some things to consider when choosing an interactive screen for classrooms:

Multiple Touchpoints

It’s good if more than one person can write and do things on the screen together. This way, students can work together or on their own at the same time.

System Compatibility

The interactive display should easily connect to your computer, whether you use Windows or Mac. If it can also connect to a phone or tablet, that’s even better!

Screen Size Options

Most brands have a few different sizes of screens available. This is useful if your classroom has limited space.

Whiteboard Software

Almost all brands have their own software that makes the interactive display even better. This software adds more functions and features to the board.

So, which brand has the interactive screens for classrooms? Let’s find out.

ViewSonic ViewBoards

The ViewSonic ViewBoard family has interactive screens for classrooms with many useful features for classrooms of different sizes, suitable for both in-person and online learning. There are two series in this family that are great for education: the IFP50 series and the IFP52 series.

The IFP50 Series has super clear 4K resolution interactive screens for classrooms that can sense up to 20 touches at once. This means lots of people can write or draw on the screen together using their fingers or a stylus. The screen sizes are 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”, and even 98”. These displays work with different kinds of devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome. What’s even cooler is that you can add a special computer to these displays for more advanced stuff. You can put these displays on a wall or a mobile stand in the classroom.

Now, the IFP52 Series is designed to make teaching and learning super smooth. It has a 4K Ultra HD display, which is really clear. It’s also made to work great for teachers and students working together. There are three sizes: 65”, 75”, and 86”. These displays can use two pens at once. It has a super 33-point sensitive touch that can feel your touch really well and it also knows when your palm is on the screen. This makes writing feel natural and helps when you’re working together in class. They also have a special USB-C port for easy connections and a microphone that captures sound really well. Plus, they have some new touch controls.

All ViewSonic interactive displays come with special software called myViewBoard collaboration software. It helps teachers make cool lesson plans, bring in fun teaching content to learn from, and share lessons with students easily. It works with different devices like Windows, Android, or Chrome. You can also use it with other types of lessons you might already have. The best part is, that schools can get all these great features for free.

Promethean ActivPanel®

Promethean makes interactive displays that are great for classrooms. They have a new series called ActivPanel Elements that has really cool technology. Two displays in this series are called ActivPanel Titanium and ActivPanel Nickel, and they are big and interactive.

The ActivPanel Titanium can feel up to 20 touches at once, Android 8 system. This means you can write and draw on it, like a multi-windows function. It comes in three sizes: 70”, 75”, and 86”. It also has a special sensor that turns it on when someone enters the room. It works with an Android system, and if you use it with a Promethean Chromebox, you can use lots of Google apps.

The ActivPanel Nickel is also available in three sizes: 65”, 75”, and 86”. It can feel 15 touches at once, palm rejection technology. Just like the Titanium, it runs on Android 8, is fast and secure, and has good speakers.

Promethean also has special software that works with all their displays. This software helps teachers make interactive lessons, use tools for math, and engage students. They also have some programs called ClassFlow and ActivInspire that come with the displays and help teachers teach better. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay extra for them each year. Also compatible with all ActivPanel series products as well as Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems.

SMART Digital Displays

SMART offers three different series of interactive screens for classrooms: 6000S, MX, and GX. Each of these series has certain strengths that work well in specific learning environments.

The 6000S Series uses HyPr Touch with InGlass technology and a 20-point touch at once. You can get this interactive display in sizes 65”, 75”, and 86”. It works with both Windows and Mac, and it comes with useful software for writing, drawing, and taking notes.

The MX Series also has HyPr Touch, but it uses advanced IR technology. It can also 20-point touch at the same time. This series comes in four sizes (55”, 65”, 75”, 86”) and is good for working together. Students can share information from their devices on this series, and it can connect up to four devices.

The GX Series has Advanced IR and can handle up to 20 things at once. It has Android software built in, so you don’t need a computer. Just like the other SMART series, it works with Windows and Mac, and you can get it in sizes 65”, 75”, and 86”.

SMART also has the SMART Learning Suite, which includes Lumio and SMART Notebook. Lumio is an easy-to-use web-based software for making lessons that students can use in class, on their own, or from home on their devices. SMART Notebook helps you create lessons and show them on the interactive display. The SMART Learning Suite costs $59 per teacher/year, but if you’re buying for a school or a group, you can ask for a discount.

BenQ Interactive Displays

BenQ provides various options for interactive learning: Interactive Flat Panels and Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projectors.

The Interactive Flat Panels come with an AG+ Screen and a complete Eye-care solution to prevent eye strain, making them safe for extended use. Teachers can use multiple ClassroomCare™ IFPs and connect through a Cloud Whiteboard to collaborate on projects across different classrooms. These panels work well with different software, with BenQ’s EZWrite 3.0 annotation software being great for writing and interaction.

BenQ offers several series of Interactive Flat Panels, with screen sizes including 55”, 65”, 70”, and 75”.

The Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projectors have an “ultra-short throw ratio,” which means they can be really close to the board and still project a large image, even in small classrooms. These projectors can turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard using PointWrite™ and QWrite software.

As mentioned earlier, BenQ’s interactive whiteboard software is called EZWrite 6. It allows teachers to create teaching content, access various tools to enhance lessons and have a consistent experience across different platforms. EZWrite helps students write, discuss, and participate from their seats, and it also saves class sessions for future usage.

Newline Touch Screens

Newline has a couple of innovative series of interactive screens for classrooms for classrooms: RS+ and I.

The RS+ Series offers 4K ultra high-definition resolutions on its 20-point touch recognition screens available in 65”, 75”, and 86” sizes. The regular RS Series comes in a 98” screen, great for large classrooms like college lecture halls. This series can connect wirelessly to smaller screens and runs on an Android™ 8 operating system.

The I Series, like the RS+ Series, has a Windows interface that’s sadly only compatible with similar operating systems. With these devices, you can get Newline’s Teach Infinity II software for free. It has tools for subjects like Math, Chemistry, and Physics. The I Series also has a 20-point simultaneous touch system and is available in screen sizes of 65”, 75”, and 85”.

Newline offers a couple of different software solutions for classroom collaboration:

  • Newline Cast – Wireless Screen Sharing: Easily share your screen from any device. One-click presents wirelessly from any network. Control and annotate from the Newline display or your device.
  • Newline Broadcast – Content Sharing to Large Classrooms:  Tap a button to share your display with students who can’t see clearly. They can follow along on their personal screen.


OEM Your Own Brand

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