Here is some advice you may need while using our products. If you can’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us directly.

  1. The USB cable is not well connected to power. Reconnect the USB cable.
  2. The power adapter is not well connected to the device or the power socket fails to work. Make sure the power adapter is connected correctly to the device and the power socket can work.
  1. The device is not connected to the external equipment correctly. Re-connect the device with the external equipment.
  2. The device is not switched to the correct source of signals. Switch to the correct source of signals.
  3. Equipment resolution is not right. Select the right resolution from the equipment or Document Camera.

To make sure everything is fine for a conference, usually, we need to check the battery status of the keypads in advance. When the low battery, then the battery icon will be shown on the LCD. All hardware support battery status detection in software, green means fine while red means low battery, new battery, or charge would be needed.

This will not happen. Because of dedicated match technology, keypads from each room will only communicate with their matched base stations, and will not interfere with each other.